Marion Calmer’s



Independent Farming Tests

Scientific Method

without financial influence

Corn and Soybean Yield Testing from West Central Illinois – specifically, the Woodhull exit on I74 just outside the Quad Cities.

Youtube Channel

Marion Calmer became known as an inventor, but what started the creative flames was yield testing the staple row crops of Illinois.  Now with 30+ years of published results one of the only fully independent agriculture research plots publishes regular Youtube updates under “Marion Minute”.  Quick doses of research test parameters and results in video presentation.

Setup Your Own Plots

And systematize your planting and harvest data for long-term success.  We used to do this with paper and pencil, now we have lots of fancy in-cab computer helpers.  Don’t let the software complexity, keep you from good solid setup and testing procedures.  

Why Do Your Own Research Part 1

Video Tutorial Part 2

Video Tutorial Part 3

On Farm Research Part 4


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